Hi, I am Audry Mushagalusa

I am a self-taught professional photographer based in Houston, TEXAS. Studying Computer Science at the Houston Baptist University. I'm the person to have different passions, and when I'm passionate about something, I do all I can for it. I love playing soccer. I love listening to music, I don't get along with movies but I love acting, surprising huh? One last thing, I'm passionate about photography.

I love to capture what the world has to offer, I love to capture people's emotions through pictures. For over a year, I have worked dozens of people, including couples who wanted beautiful memories of their engagement or wedding, I have worked with businesses who wanted professional pictures for their profiles or to be featured in magazines, and also people who simply wanted pictures for as part of their birthday memories. I loved photography at a young age, was certainly never serious about it because I was all focused on my other passions, in this case, soccer. I became serious about Photography right about my 17th birthday, that's when I realized there's more to explore in the photography world. Well, I have some good news for you, you might be next person smiling through my camera lens :)

Audry Mushagalusa